Ram Confirms First Electric Pickup Will Be Called The 1500 REV

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Ram's electrification journey has begun.

Ram has announced the name of its first electric pickup as Ram 1500 REV, and production will start next year. CarBuzz actually spotted this name back in December when it was trademarked by Stellantis. According to Ram, the announcement "marks the latest step in Ram's electrification journey to bring the industry's best electrified options to market."

Little else is known, but it looks like the name comes from the Ram 1500 EV Revolution concept, which features three-row seating and is built on Stellantis's STLA Frame platform, not the Ram 1500 platform. Stellantis promises more details on Sunday, February 12, followed by a reveal in the coming months.


"At Ram, we started a revolution last year as we invited consumers along on the beginning of our electrification journey, gathering their feedback on exactly what they are looking for in an electric pickup truck," said Mike Koval Jr., Ram brand CEO, Stellantis. "We look forward to delivering our first EV pickup - the all-new Ram 1500 REV - to those consumers next year. We are confident the Ram 1500 REV will push past the competition, offering what will be the leading combination of attributes customers care about the most: range, payload, towing, and charge time."

2024 Ram 1500 EV Front View Ram
2024 Ram 1500 EV Side View Ram
2024 Ram 1500 EV Cargo Capacity Ram

It's entirely possible the three row idea will be part of the 1500 REV's design as it's intended for occasional use and part of a rail system that makes it possible to move all the interior seats. That would mean the second row can be moved forward far enough for the third row to be folded down for storage.

One thing we do know for sure is that there will be a range-extender version, as Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares confirmed as such earlier this year. What gasoline power plant Ram would use is unknown, but a V6 or V8 would likely be overkill. A plug-in hybrid would be perfect for truck buyers who are reticent about switching to electric or actually need the range an extender can add.

2024 Ram 1500 EV Front Trunk Space Ram
2024 Ram 1500 EV Interior Overview Ram

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