Ram Considering its own Raptor?

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Not wanting to be left out of the potential profits, Chrysler is reportedly looking to see if a business case can be made for a Ford Raptor fighter of its own.

Ford's F-150 SVT Raptor has been a phenomenal success for the automaker and competitors have taken notice, one of whom is Chrysler's Ram division. Chrysler already offers the Ram Runner, which is a solid truck, but it's really a Ram 1500 equipped with Mopar accessories. The SVT Raptor, on the other hand, is a factory-built high-performance truck that's ready to hit the sand dunes out the door. In a new report coming from Ward's Auto, a Ram official state that a proper Raptor competitor is certainly a possibility for Chrysler's truck unit in the near future.

Pat Dougherty, Mopar's vice-president for parts, sales and field operations, told the publication that his boss "would really like us to try to do a little more research on the Raptor and how it does. If we could see that the volume was significant enough that it makes sense to do it, we'll do it." On the other hand, if Mopar's market research proves not to be a solid business case, "then we'll continue to do it the way we do it (now)," Dougherty summed up. One thing Chrysler wants to remain focused on, however, is efficiency, and anything off-road-worthy on the Raptor's scale wouldn't exactly be the gold standard for fuel emissions.

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