Ram Downplays Dieselgate 2.0 With Ads Aimed At Flyover Country

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It wants us to know that, unlike Volkswagen, it's still a part of the fabric of American society.

Ram consistently comes in third place among American truck manufacturers who battle fiercely for any sort of traction in one of the most profitable automotive segments to date. While Ford has reigned supreme in its segment for nearly 40 years (although GM as a whole has beat Ford some years when combining Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra sales), Chevy has usually come in second, and in 2016, Ram trailed the middle-tier podium spot by 78,742 trucks.

In attempts to change this, the automaker is spending millions of dollars on a fairly boring ad campaign. The fact that it fits the mold for your run-of-the-mill pull-on-small-town-America's-heartstrings advertisement may be a good thing for Ram. The political rift in America seems to have stemmed from the fact that residents of "flyover country" are tired of being ignored.

Ram wants them to know that it has their backs by helping tow entire churches, plow snowy roads, and endure those 5 AM coal mine shifts with enough tenacity left in the reserve tank for another 100,000 miles. Essentially, it's the same message that we've heard from the automaker before, but it comes at a timely moment for the Italian/American car manufacturer as it faces allegations from the EPA that its diesel engines utilize cheat devices to help them clear emissions tests. FCA wants to remind everyone that, unlike those methodical conniving Germans, Ram is still an essential glue that binds together the fabric of American life whether cheat or not.

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While the above commercial focused on community and longevity, Ram also released an ad aimed straight at families, casting a bearded father figure plowing the road to the skating rink so that (a girl that's presumably) his daughter can enjoy her favorite winter sport.

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