Ram Might Start Gunning for Luxury Dollars

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Ram could be adding a range-topping halo pickup.

In a conversation with Automobile Magazine, Ram CEO Reid Bigland hinted that the brand could soon be expanding upwards. His exact words were"I don't even know where the ceiling is on the premium pickup truck." The implication here being that there will be a model that slots in above the $44,000 Ram Laramie Longhorn. One might think that sales disasters like the Lincoln Blackwood would have kept manufacturers away from this niche altogether, but it isn't quite so simple.

As Bigland explained, buyers in the luxury pickup segment tend not to be quite as brand loyal as the sometimes fanatical buyers of more utilitarian pickups.This could be good news for a brand that has long struggled to win over fiercely loyal Ford and Chevy customers. Bigland has stated that Ram will have to be careful in making sure that the new luxury features of a future model aren't "frivolous", this being the trap which the Blackwood fell into.

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