Ram's Latest Idea For 1500 Pickup Needs To Happen

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We'll actually have an answer fairly soon.

The current trends in trucks are leaning heavily on lift-kits and off-road readiness, and automakers have been responding by providing factory lifts and off-road options and packages. As we know, trends are cyclical and it's been a long time since we've seen an honest to god sport truck for the road.

For the 2018 SEMA show, Mopar rolled out the Ram 1500 Big Horn Low Down concept, and since then has been gauging customer reactions. According to Motor Trend, the automaker is actually considering a factory lowering kit for the Ram 1500 pickup and could make the decision later this year.


Motor Trend says reaction has been positive, and cites brand accessories manager, Cheryl Woodworth, talking about a woman cruising Woodward Avenue that saw the Low Down and called her husband to tell him she had seen it and wants one. While it's not clear what sort of priority the kit or the concept's development might have, a lot of people will have just seen it at the Woodward Dream Cruise this past weekend.

The drop on the Low Down concept was 2 inches, which is enough to give it a more aggressive stance and lower the roll center.


While it would be a Mopar accessory, if the product is greenlit and takes off we can only hope, it leads to the return of the sport truck. In the hazy heydays of the sport truck we saw such wonderful sights such as the GMC Cyclone, the Chevy 454 SS, the Ford SVT Lightning, and the lunatic level Dodge Ram SRT10. Not all were lowered, but they were geared for on-road performance, yet they were practical for moving stuff around because they were still trucks.

The Low Down concept embraced the idea of a modern sport truck with two-tone paint, a performance hood, gloss black badges and Brass Monkey stripes and 22-inch alloy wheels. Hopefully, a final decision from Ram and Mopar will be made soon.

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