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Ram Targets GMC Sierra With New Multifunction Tailgate

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Will it be enough to steal customers from General Motors?

When GMC first revealed the 2019 Sierra 1500, one of the big headlines was the addition of a new MultiPro Tailgate, which can fold in different ways to become a workspace or a step for the bed. While many truck buyers like this feature, we aren't sure if it would be enough to dethrone the 2019 Ram 1500 as our favorite full-size truck.

Ram doesn't even want to give GMC a chance to win over truck buyers with this fancy feature because it has now released a unique tailgate of its own. Introducing the new Multifunction Tailgate for the Ram 1500, FCA's answer to GM's MultPro Tailgate.

The Multifunction Tailgate can open like a conventional tailgate and continues to include dampening and remote release options. The big addition is a 60-40 split opening with swing-away functionality. The Honda Ridgeline features a similar side-opening function but the Ram's system is split so the tailgate doesn't open as wide behind the truck.

Ram says the dual-hinged design makes curbside unloading easier and enables closer access to the bed. The system works in tandem with a retractable center-mounted step option, which makes it easier to get into the bed without having to step on the bumper.

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The biggest benefit of this design compared to GMC's MultiPro Tailgate is being trailer-friendly. In its step position, the GMC's tailgate would hit a tow hitch but Ram's system doesn't require the hitch to be removed. The Multifunction Tailgate will be available on all 2019 Ram 1500 models and is expected to reach dealerships in the second quarter of 2019. The tailgate costs $995 and can the optional center step is $295.

We'll have to test the Multifunction Tailgate to see how well it works but based on initial impressions, GMC should be worried. Which tailgate do you think looks the best, the Ram or the GMC?