Ram Tyrant Is Nearly 800-HP Of TRX Fury With A Dealer Warranty

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With 787 horsepower on tap, can it out-muscle a Raptor R?

When researching vehicle specs daily, there are a few that look like typos. And that couldn't be more true today when we saw that a dealer claimed that a nearly 6,500-pound truck, shaped like a house, could crush the quarter mile in only 11.84-seconds. The horsepower and torque on this 2023 Ram 1500 TRX would have to be quite stupendous for that level of performance.

Well, stupendous it may be with a staggering 787 horsepower (up from the factory 702 hp of the Ram TRX), the 85 extra ponies endow this monster with supercar acceleration. We heard a rumor this truck was coming, but the details were sparse. Now, Granger Motors, an Iowa-based Ram dealer, has released its highly-modified Ram TRX, reborn as the TRX Tyrant with a full factory warranty.

Granger Motors Granger Motors

"... We aren't the first team to develop a higher horsepower package for the TRX," said Zachary Westrum, director of operations at Granger Motors. "We set out with the goal to be the option to both retain a nationwide warranty (three years/36,000 miles) and increase horsepower and capability."

Speaking of the development process, the Granger motors team partnered with Nth Moto - a known quantity in Mopar circles, having developed a sub-seven-second Viper in the past and another with more than 3,000 hp. "This project has gone through extensive research and development with over 1,000 miles logged on the test vehicle over a six-month period. Nth Moto's team tested this truck in cold weather, warm weather while towing, and more to make sure it was developed properly to handle the rigors our customers will put it through."

Granger Motors Granger Motors

The Ram TRX was obviously already torture-tested by rigorous OEM standards, and the modifications made are from proven aftermarket companies. The 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 is already a menace out of the box and in stock form and tears through the 1/4 mile in 12.8 seconds. But the TRX Tyrant is almost a full second faster, running 11.84 seconds at 114 mph.

To achieve these impressive figures, the supercharger affixed to the V8 was fitted with a 3.17-inch pulley with a new belt. A colder set of plugs and a 180-degree thermostat were added to keep it cool. Some higher flow fuel injectors and a fresh tune using the HPTuners system with Nth Moto programming eked out the numbers from the mechanical upgrades.

Granger Motors

Beyond the engine tweaks, visual upgrades have been added, including TRX Tyrant fender and tailgate graphics. There is also a 37 Performance Package, so named for the 37-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler 37x12.5-inch tires wrapped around 20-inch Vossen HF6-4 wheels in gloss black. It also adds Mopar power running boards and a 1.5-inch leveling kit, and recalibrates the speedometer to accommodate the wheels and tires.

Pricing, including the aforementioned warranty, is set at a very reasonable $7,995 while the 37 Performance Package is priced at $14,995. You can keep the factory parts, too, but that'll cost you an extra $2,000.

While it might seem expensive, it's worth remembering that Hennessey's 800-hp TRX costs $149,500 with a warranty matching Granger's. Compared to that, this one is a bargain. Unlike Hennessey's upgrade, Granger's warranty is valid at any Stellantis dealership nationwide.

Granger Motors Granger Motors

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