Ram Wants You To Forget All About Ford And Chevrolet Puny Pickups

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Or is Ram just catching up?

Chevrolet and Ford pickup truck owners are spoiled when it comes to choices, especially off-roading, with the respective FX4 or Z71 packages. These packages aren't necessarily special, but Ram has just entered the party with an off-roading package of its own. It includes the usual updates that make the pickup truck even more of an animal when the path gets a little rough. Ram introduced a new 4X4 Off-Road Package at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show which will be offered on all Ram 2500 models.


It may be a new package, but Ram's recipe is the same as Ford's and Chevrolet's. Mechanical updates include new Bilstein monotube shocks and a limited-slip differential as standard. The LT tires are from Firestone, which, apparently, are engineered to strike the perfect balance between on-road comfort and off-road capability. The package also includes a host of underbody protection, while a prominent decal on the rear fender lets the world know that the truck can go off-roading. Pricing has not been released, but Ram stated that the 4X4 Off-Road Pack is "a value-priced option."

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