Randy Grubb's Decopods Make Jay Leno Smile

These are the coolest things on the road. Fact.

As his time hosting The Tonight Show came to an end, auto enthusiasts will hopefully see more of the Denim Chin presenting amazing cars. The latest Jay Leno’s Garage instalment stars one of the oddest creations to ever enter the stand-up’s Californian man cave – a three-wheeled Decopod created by automotive artist Randy Grubb. Based on Piaggio MP3 three-wheeled motor scooters, the bespoke vehicles are clad in riveted aluminum panels and boast Art Deco styling.

All the work is done by hand and two of the six-unit run are still up for grabs. So if you want to have a smile firmly fixed on your face whenever you hit the road, scrape together $25,000 and invest in a Decopod.

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