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Range Anxiety Is Supposedly About To End Because Tesla Said So On Twitter

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We'll find out how on Thursday.

Perhaps the biggest concern with electric vehicles, other than the occasional battery fire, is how long their batteries last on a single charge. There've been many smart and high-tech attempts to overcome what's been dubbed "range anxiety" but so far nothing has completely panned out. But that's all about to change, according to Tesla. The California-based EV automaker's founder and CEO, Elon Musk, has just announced on his Twitter account that this coming Thursday he'll host a press conference to announce the end of range anxiety.

How exactly? All we know is that it'll be done "via OTA software update." This won't be just for new Teslas but for the entire Model S fleet. In the past, Tesla has relied on hardware updates to improve range, such as new battery tech. We'll find out everything from Mr. Musk himself in a few days' time.

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