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Red wheels on a Range Rover? The highly-acclaimed SUV has just been touched up for Bologna.

Marangoni showed up at the 2011 Bologna Motor Show with a very interesting aftermarket program for the Range Rover Evoque. We remember (not-so-fondly) of their appearance at the Italian auto event last year when they brought a green-wheeled Alfa Romeo Giulietta G430, dubbed the iMovie. This year's showing is quite better, taking the highly-acclaimed Range Rover Evoque and giving it a set of surprisingly solid 19-inch red wheels whilst tweaking the engine a bit for added performance.

Starting with the engine, output is now measured at over 300hp, up from 240hp on the Evoque's stock Si4 turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. This was made possible due to the adoption of a new turbine, steel exhaust system and a new intake with a carbon fiber air box. Upgraded brakes were also affixed to help handle the SUV's added power. In terms of styling, the Marangoni Evoque was finished in Fluid Titanium Metal and features a redesigned front and rear bumper along with an aluminum hood equipped with air intakes. It sits on a set of Marangoni "M-Power EvoRed" OZ Racing wheels.

The aftermarket program by Marangoni for the Range Rover Evoque can be purchased through Florentine TRC Italy during 2012 only. No pricing in formation was released, however. It is currently on display at the 2011 Bologna Motor Show.

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