Range Rover Gets Yet Another Tuning From Project Kahn

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Seems like it's almost every week Project Kahn releases a newly tuned Range Rover. This time the UK tuner has lent its hand to the Davis Mark II limited edition tribute. While it is still uncertain who this Mark Davis actually is, Project Kahn apparently has their idea. The latest tune is based off the 2011 Range Rover Sport powered by a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel and fully equipped with both performance modifications and styling.

The exterior is painted a white color and boasts a new aero package. It includes the side step and air vent trims along with the brake calipers painted in either red or blue, lower parts finished in a gray touch and to top it off, matte gray side skirts to go along with 22-inch alloy wheels. The interior is fitted with RS Cosworth leather trim in black with a red or blue stripe and an infotainment system. There is an option to upgrade the 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel, by giving it a boost from 245hp to 300hp, an increase by 55hp. The cost of the Cosworth upgrade is £3,995.

The total cost for the Project Kahn makeover is priced around £25,000 or $40,800, while the Range Rover itself retails for around £50,000 or $81,600.

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