Range Rover Hybrid Still Proper Range Rover?

That's the question brand loyalists and fans are waiting to find out.

For years the Land Rover Range Rover was the symbol of off-road capabilities combined with plenty of luxury. It was the ideal vehicle for those who had plenty of money but not necessarily the desire to go off-road; it was just nice to have that option. But the latest generation Range Rover is a bit different from its predecessors. Yes, it still comes with a beefy V8 and that go anywhere ability, but now the UK brand has jumped into the going green bandwagon by launching the Range Rover Hybrid.

Land Rover claims that adding a battery pack doesn’t change the SUV’s character or its off-road prowess, but that’s what they say. The guys at XCAR wanted to find out for themselves whether or not this new hybrid variant still delivers the off-road goods.

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