Range-Topping BMW iX M60 Will Arrive With V8 Power

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More than an X5 M50i.

The 2022 BMW iX electric SUV has already made its full debut, but details regarding the powertrain options are still partially a mystery. BMW announced a dual-motor version producing 496 horsepower, badged as the iX xDrive50 in the United States. There will be other versions as well according to BMW's trademark applications, including the xDrive40 and range-topping M60. We still don't know officially how much power or range will be available in the iX xDrive40 or M60, but a new rumor may reveal their outputs.

BMW Blog reports that the base iX xDrive40 will pack a 70-kWh battery, smaller than the 100-kWh battery in the xDrive50 model. This battery will enable the xDrive40 to drive 240 miles on a charge, compared to over 300 in the xDrive50. In terms of output, BMW Blog says the base iX delivers 300 horsepower (compared to 496 hp in the xDrive50) with a 6-second 0-60 mph time (sub-five in the xDrive50).


Now onto the juicy details about the iX M60, the most powerful variant. While not a full M model, the M60 will be tuned by the M Performance Division, so it should come with a more aggressive exterior and suspension. Along with the improved handling, the iX M60 is rumored to produce 560 hp, making it more potent than the V8-powered X5, X6, or X7 in their M50i incarnations.

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There aren't any specific details about how quick this model will be, but we assume a low four-second sprint to 60 mph is possible. Pricing is also an official mystery, but we expect the xDrive50 model to arrive at around $85,000. The M60 should command almost $100,000.

The iX won't be the only M-enhanced electric model in BMW's lineup. BMW will offer an i4 M50 producing 523 hp, which is pretty impressive on its own. The company hasn't announced any fully-fledged electric M models, so we'll have to settle for M Sport models in the meantime.

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