Rapidly Appreciating Porsche 911 R To Be Put To The Test At Auction


Porsche's new driver's car up for grabs, at a price.

Some cars hit the market and immediately defy the laws of new cars; the Porsche 911 R is one of them. The usual deal when you buy a new car is that as soon as you drive it off the showroom floor you've lost a large chunk of money, but with the Porsche 911 R it appreciates in value, so owners actually make money after taking ownership. Porsche announced the pricing of the 2017 911 R with an MSRP of $184,900, but we've seen them up for sale for seemingly silly amounts, one going for the equivalent of $1.25 million.

For this car, the first one to be seen at auction, the estimates are quite mild in comparison with Bonhams saying it expects the car to fetch the equivalent of between $266,942 and $381,346 (210,000 - 300,000 GBP). We're guessing that the final figure will be well above that estimate though thanks to Bonham's Belgium representative, Gregory Tuytens saying: "The Porsche 911 R is a car for real purists and fully justifies the title of the most sought-after modern Porsche today. Six months ago the launch price was around 200,000 Euros, but already the Porsche 911 R is being traded at 5-600,000 Euros. We believe our very fair estimate will attract a great deal of attention from enthusiasts keen to acquire one of the rarest Porsches around."

This is primarily because the 911 R is a back-to-basics Porsche that purists and collectors must have, but it was only limited to a production run of 991 cars. What makes the 911 R so special besides limited numbers? A lot. The car is only available with a lighter 6-speed manual and is basically powered by the 911 GT3 RS' normally aspirated flat-six that produces 500 hp and 338 lb-ft of torque and redlines at 8,800 rpm. The 911 R can get to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. There is also carbon ceramic brakes, rear axle steering, a limited slip differential and a brilliant interior with some of the best Porsche seats we've seen. We guestimate this one going under the hammer in Belgium to fetch at least $1,000,000, but it could well be more.

Source Credits: www.bonhams.com

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