Rapper T-Pain Crashes Aston Martin In Multi-Car Collision


Time for an Auto-Tune.

Rapper and producer T-Pain, famous for reintroducing the use of auto-tune in pop music, looks like he's going to be needing some auto tuning himself. The rapper was recently involved in a multi-car collision in Los Angeles that left his Aston Martin DB9 looking worse for wear. According to reports regarding the incident, T-Pain is allegedly at fault for causing the accident. Apparently the rapper drove through a red light, crossed into an intersection too early, and plowed straight into an old purple Toyota sedan.

Although a witness at the scene corroborated the report of T-Pain running the light, T-Pain claims that he did not jump the red light and that the driver of the Toyota was at fault. Police arrived at the scene and no citations were filed against any of the drivers involved. Also, thankfully, no major injuries were reported. Photos courtesy of TMZ.com

Source Credits: www.tmz.com

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