Rare 1963 Shelby Cobra Rack-and-Pinion Demo Car

Comes with original 289 engine and with 347 upgrade.

Earlier this month, we showed you a manic 1963 CobraDragonsnake that was going up for auction. That car was a drag strip championthat had won numerous racing events and set records across America. But as thatCobra may be too much for most buyers to handle, we thought you’d alsoappreciate this street-spec 289 Cobra from the same year, up for auction on May17 through Mecum Auctions. Sure, it wasn't as wild, but it has a uniquepedigree of its own.

This Shelby was one of the first ever to be equipped withthe company’s rack-and-pinion setup, and it was actually used as a demo car toshowcase the system. In 1965, Shelby reconditioned the car and gave it newmufflers, seat belts, side curtains, a soft top, new carpet and new wirewheels before handing it off to its first owner. In 2006, the engine was replaced with a 347 cubic-inch unit, but boththe original and the upgraded one are being included at auction. Check out thelot for your chance to bid on this piece of history.

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