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Rare 1965 Ford GT40 Up For Auction

This 1965 GT40 has been restored specifically for private use and will hit the auction block next month where it may sell for as much as $3 million.

Anytime an original Ford GT40 goes up for auction it's cause for celebration simply because each of these cars has its own story to tell. Most know the story behind the GT40's creation and how Henry Ford II was adamant on taking revenge against Enzo Ferrari for backing out on a deal for Ford to buy Ferrari. That vengeance was made crystal clear on the Le Mans race circuit, with the GT40 going on to win the endurance race for four years straight, beginning in 1966.

All told, just 107 units were built and any that still survive are now worth millions, one of which will be going up for auction next month at RM Auctions' Arizona auction. This 1965 GT40 is painted in Pine Green and includes features such as a heated windshield, fender-mounted mirrors, two fuel gauges and mufflers. Exact details regarding this car's history haven't been revealed, but the auction house is expecting it could fetch as much as $3 million by the time the final gavel is slammed down. This particular GT40 was never used for racing and it's also had a recent restoration in which silver Le Mans stripes were added.

It was originally owned by James Fielding, chairman of Heenan and Froude, the company that developed the dynamometers that were used to test GT40s. It'll be crossing the auction stage on January 18th in Phoenix, Arizona.

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