Rare 1968 AC Frua Coupe Priced at $269,500 is a True Hybrid

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There's no better combo than Italian styling and American muscle.

Hybrid cars of the sixties and seventies had nothing to do with battery packs and saving the environment. Instead, the term referred to cars like this gorgeous 1968 AC Frua Coupe that featured an Italian body, British chassis, and American big block V8. Only 81 of these were built, 49 of which were fastback coupes such as the one Missouri-based dealer Hyman Ltd. is asking $269,500 for. Power comes from Ford's FE block 7.0-liter V8 mated to a 3-speed automatic, and the Frua is built on the British carmaker's AC Cobra 427 chassis.

After building and extending the chassis by six inches, it was sent to Frua's workshop in Italy to fit the unashamedly stylish Italian body before returning to England to have the brutal powertrain and trim added. Performance was on par with anything Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati were creating at the time, but the Frua came at a fraction of the price. Now, however, buyers will have to dig deep in order to take one home.

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