Rare Aston One-77 and Transformers Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Come to Cali

$4 million worth of spectacular sheetmetal were captured cruising around Monterey at this year’s car meet.

Monterey Car Week has come and gone. The event was graced with special cars but for some the real show took place on the street. Thanks to Drake Mumford we can show you two of the best visitors to the exclusive show: the only Aston Martin One-77 legal to drive in the US and the first Bugatti Veyron Vitesse ever made, that is set to star in the next Transformers flick. The latter lays claim to being the fastest convertible on the planet, while the One-77 is arguably one of the most beautiful.

Caught at a hotel parking lot, both European supercars are valued in the $2 million bracket. If you had the money, which one would you pick?

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