Rare BMW M1 Stripped For Rebuild Reveals Amazing Find


Just 454 examples of BMW's M1 were produced for homologation purposes, and just 40 of those had Procar status.

We've spotted the BMW M1 up for sale a few times, some in better condition than others, but this one at Canepa is the best to date. It arrived at the shop in need of a restoration, which the company usually does for cars in need thanks to an in-house restoration facility. When it stripped the rare BMW M1, mounting holes for the wing and other race-spec stuff was discovered. This prompted a closer investigation on the car's history and this is the result: a super rare, absolutely showroom condition BMW M1 Procar.

The car's number, 094, was the street version that most identified it as, but it was actually number 31 out of 40 cars destined for the track with a Procar chassis. It was a spare car for the BMW M1 Procar Championship, a race series that lasted for two years. The car never saw track time though and was eventually sold off as a road car again. After a few owners it ended up at AHG, a BMW dealer that offered these cars with an AHG M1 Studie package. This saw the car end up with a race look that was made for street driving. Only ten of these would ever be created. In 1984 the car landed Stateside and was seen at special events until it was stored in the late 90s.

The M1 popped up again in 2012 and eventually ended up at Canepa who decided a full restoration was needed, and this is where the tell-tale signs of it's race life appeared, prompting the rebuild to take on the M1 Procar look over the normal streetcar version - a great idea indeed. Many original Procar parts were sourced and fitted, and parts that weren't available were replaced by modern components with some custom touches added. VAC Motorsports rebuilt the inline six that now produces 414 hp and 347 lb-ft of torque.The paint is Basalt Blau, a factory BMW color that was never offered to the public, but was featured on four special M1s built for the BMW Board.

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