Rare Bugatti Veyron Centenaire Blue Chrome Cruising in London


Supercar summer is in full effect in London.

An ultra-rare Bugatti Veyron 'Bleu Centenaire' was recently spotted cruising around the streets of London, England. The British capital is known for the influx of supercars that arrive every summer so seeing incredible cars isn't that out of the ordinary. This Veyron, however, is certainly the exception. As one of only four ever produced, the Veyron Centenaire edition marked Bugatti's 100 years since the French automaker's inception back in 1909.

The special edition utilizes the Veyron's 'standard' W16 engine cranking out the usual 1,001 horsepower. What sets the Centenaire edition apart is over 220 pounds of weight savings in the form of lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum replacing the usual Veyron's steel pieces. New LED daytime running lights have also been added with a rearview camera, park distance control, bespoke "Snowbeige" leather interior and four unique exterior finishes. Each of the four units produced featured exterior finishes meant to pay tribute to the golden age of motorsport and for the great European racing nations of the 1920s.

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This particular Bleu Centenaire Veyron features an eye-catching blue chrome wrap. Check it out in the clip below.