Rare Lamborghini Wrapped To Look Like A Pokemon

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This guy wants to catch 'em all as fast as possible.

Pokemon Go is a phenomenon that continues to sweep across the world. People love playing it so much that they even play it while driving (thanks Autopilot!). The secondary effect of the game being so popular is the renewed interest in all things Pokemon as we can see from the outrageous wrap on this Lamborghini Aventador captured by Autogespot. The car in question isn't just your run-of-the-mill Aventador, either. It is in fact the very rare and very exclusive Aventador 50 Anniversario.

The Aventador 50 Anniversario was a special edition Aventador produced in extremely limited numbers. How limited you ask? Well, try only 200 units worldwide (100 coupes and 100 roadsters). This particular car was spotted on the streets of Japan with a similar Pokemon themed Diablo just behind it. Who knew Pokemon themed cars would become so popular? Whether or not you love it or hate it, you have to admire the guy for taking the time and money to wrap his super rare Lamborghini like a Pokemon. I mean if you've got the money, why the hell not?


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