Rare Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition Sells For Seven Figures

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This is crazy money for a Lexus LFA.

Will there ever be a successor to the legendary Lexus LFA? Lamborghini recently revived the Countach for the 21st century, so stranger things have happened. If Lexus does answer our prayers and builds a new LFA, it will almost certainly be electrified, although a rumored twin-turbo Lexus LC F could be a suitable halo until then.

With more supercar manufacturers embracing electrification, the original naturally-aspirated Lexus LFA is becoming more desired by collectors, and this is reflected in the supercar's rising value. Just a few weeks ago, a used Lexus LFA with only 72 miles on the clock sold for a staggering $808,000. We predicted it wouldn't take long for the LFA to become a seven-figure supercar - and now it's happened.

RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's

In a recent RM Sotheby's Monterey auction, a rare 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition sold for, wait for it, $1.6 million. Amazingly, this exceeded the original $1.1 million auction estimate. When it launched in 2011, the Lexus LFA retailed for $375,000, so it has increased in value by more than $1 million in ten years. The more desirable Nurburgring Edition had an MSRP of $445,000, while the matte black version sold for $465,000.

Production of the Lexus LFA was limited to 500 examples, 64 of which were Nurburgring Editions. Out of these, only 25 were built for the US and this example was one of only three finished in black.

RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's

Since it rolled off the assembly line, this low-mileage LFA was only driven 930 miles, so let's hope its next owner gives it a more regular workout. Compared to the regular LFA, the Nurburgring Edition is upgraded with carbon components including a revised front splitter, a fixed rear wing, and side skirts. To improve the handling and lower the center of gravity, the Nurburgring Edition rides 0.4 inches closer to the ground.

The standard wheels are also replaced with BBS magnesium wheels wrapped in Bridgestone tires. Powering the LFA Nurburgring is a 4.8-liter naturally-aspirated V10 producing 562 horsepower. An extra ten horses were added to the Nurburgring Edition to compensate for the lower top speed. How long will it take before another Lexus LFA sells for $2 million?

RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's
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