Rare Stick-Shift Dodge Caravan Turbo Is In Mint Condition

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This is one special sleeper.

Everyone has their definition of what a cool car is. To some, thrilling muscle cars such as the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat are as awesome as it gets, but to others, this rather rare 1989 Dodge Caravan LE Turbo with a stick-shift manual gearbox is a truly special specimen. If you agree, you'll be glad to know that one of these has come up for sale.

The example seen here has been preserved in a warehouse for 17 years but the listing confirms that it is running well with no issues to mention. What makes it so special is that only 400 of these drivetrains were put together as the demand for a manual turbocharged family van was not all that high in 1989. The idea of a turbocharged Dodge product in today's time does seem like a foreign concept when you consider that most of its current and recent performance variants have leaned hard into supercharging technology.

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This Caravan has been painted in a maroon shade which is mimicked by a similar color used for the velvet seats, carpets, and door cards in the cabin. This overwhelming scheme is contrasted by a series of traditionally 80s wooden veneer panels applied to the dashboard. The seller says that this unit has been fitted with a new battery and alternator but there is no service history before their ownership.

The current owner has only had it for a month but he argues that it's likely to be the cleanest model of its kind in existence. It's currently based in Valley City, Ohio, and boasts an asking price of $18,225. This may be a preferential deal because the current NADA retail has been confirmed at $27,500.

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The Dodge Caravan Turbo employs Chrysler's 2.5-liter K-series turbocharged gasoline unit which was introduced to the group in 1989. This benefited from multipoint fuel injection technology which provided it with a power output of 150 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. The common transmission choice for this powertrain was the three-speed TorqueFlite automatic which is why this stick-shift manual is such a pleasant surprise

This particular LE trim has been applied to a short-wheelbase body which means it benefits from a set of stylish steel wheels, as seen on this example. This could be upgraded to a set of 15-inch alloys if the customer selected the Turbo Sport package. Further trim highlights included an FM stereo radio with 10 watts per channel, additional storage compartments, and electrically adjustable door mirrors.

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