Rare Street Legal McLaren P1 GTR Appears For Sale In Italy

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With a frightening price tag.

A McLaren P1 GTR has appeared for sale at an Italian exotic car dealership for a staggering price of $7.2 million including 22% VAT tax. However, what makes this P1 GTR worth the hefty price tag is that fact that the car is supposedly street legal. Although we can't officially confirm if the listing for the car is genuine, it seems to have the proper credentials to indicate that it is indeed authentic. The P1 GTR in question is apparently an extremely limited street legal version converted by British automotive company Lanzante Motorsport.

Lazante has a solid reputation for creating street legal McLaren F1 GTR's upon customer request and recently announced that they would be applying its expertise to the P1 GTR. No-one at McLaren is involved with Lanzante's P1 GTR conversion project, but nor is it standing in its way. Although the specs of the road legal McLaren P1 GTR for sale are not known, the track version produces an astounding 986 hp and has a curb weight of approximately 3175 pounds.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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