Rare Veyrons Leave London

Vitesses and World Record Editions check out of the Jack Barclay dealership having completed the London leg of their world tour.

Home to the world’s best Bugatti salesperson, the exclusive Jack Barclay Bentley dealership in London’s Mayfair recently held its Bugatti Performance Week as part of a Bugatti Expo that will make its way across the globe. Amongst a selection of rare Veyrons were four very special models: two Grand Sport Vitesses, the Grand Sport Vitesse WRC edition, and a Veyron Super Sport WRE – one of just five on the planet. And thanks to supercar addict and London local Shmee150, we have some video footage of the quartet on their way out.

Watch these limited-edition Veyrons being expertly maneuvered from the dealership onto trucks before being whisked away to greet their next set of adoring fans.

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