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Rat Rods Attack the Salt Flats

Jet-powered dragsters and old men on Indian motorcycles aren't the only ones present for Bonneville Speed Week. Rat Rods go “On the Salt” in Utah.

Only one word comes to mind when we hear the name "Bonneville Salt Flats": speed. The dried-up lakebed in Utah is located only an hour and a half away from Salt Lake City and Bonneville is known for hosting the fastest vehicles on the planet as they shoot for speed - ridiculously-fast, record-breaking, life-threatening speed. Held in mid-August, this year marked the 64th annual Bonneville Speed Week. Over 500 entrants gathered on the salt for the races, and after some threatening thunderstorms, took to their metal.

The 4GuysInACar film crew was present at the event and shot an excellent little documentary, entitled "On the Salt", of some of the veterans of the Salt Flats and their rat rods. Hear their stories and check out their racers in the clip below.

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