Ratings For 'Top Gear' Are Up As Chris Evans And Matt LeBlanc Divorce Rumors Rise

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Glass half full, right?

A lot seems to be going wrong with the new "Top Gear," but one thing the show recently got right is its ratings. The latest episode, number five, saw an extra 300,000 viewers tune in, pushing its overall viewership to 2.68 million. This number, though still low compared to when Jeremy Clarkson was at the helm, is an improvement over the previous episode. Episode four of Chris Evans' reign drew 2.34 million pairs of eyes, the worst since a 2003 episode was watched by only 2.36 million people.

Now for those who are pessimistic this isn't great news at all. Once you hit rock bottom the only place to go is up, right? And while getting an extra 300,000 people to tune in is nice it's nothing compared to the almost 2 million people who have stopped watching the show after episode one debuted. Still, small victories in times of turmoil, which nowadays is basically all the time, have to be sweet for Evans. The red haired Ferrari fanboy is wrapping up his first season as "Top Gear's" head honcho-episode six is the season's last-and hopefully that factor helps him go out on a high note. Then it's off to filming season two, although the cast may have a few kinks to work out before getting underway.

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