RC Audi R8 Vs. R8 V10 Is The Drag Race You Didn't Know You Needed


Can a remote-controlled Audi R8 take down the real thing in a drag race?

Drag races are one of life’s few pure pleasures. Think about it: When is it ever not fun to watch two things, creatures or people race flat out in a straight line? Around these parts we love a good drag race, the weirder the better. Autocar hit the weird nail on the head when it decided to match up an Audi R8 V10 against another R8, albeit one a sixth the size of the real thing. Can an actual R8 making 540 horsepower outrun an remote-controlled Losi 6IX Audi R8 LMS? Surprisingly it's not that easy a thing for the supercar to do.

The premise is ridiculous which is what makes this race so great. Another thing that makes it awesome is the fact that this remote-controlled car is actually pretty damn fast.

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It shoots off the line in each of the three heats, easily beating the AWD R8. The problem is that the antenna can’t reach the RC car over the quarter-mile(ish) stretch of road. The guys at Autocar get creative in solving the problem, but the final race still doesn’t have an ending that satisfies us. Someone get a professional RC car person at the controls and do this race again!