RC Cars To Compete In First-Ever Race On The Moon

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And they'll be designed by high-school students.

Despite our many flaws, humanity never ceases to impress, with ambitious people always coming up with new and innovative ways to advance our civilization, whilst having fun at the same time, of course. The latest pre-eminent project announced to the world is perhaps one of the most mind-blowing, as multi-media and education company 'Moon Mark' is giving high-school students the opportunity to race two remote-control cars… on the moon! How will they get there? Well, it seems appropriate, that the only company to have sent a car into space, SpaceX with the famous Tesla Roadster stunt, take on the task along with private aerospace company, Intuitive Machines.

Moon Mark Moon Mark

In a mission to stimulate interest in everything aerospace for the new generation, Moon Mark and Intuitive Machines have partnered up in one of the most ambitious projects yet - six teams of high school students will have to compete in a series of qualifying challenges, all with unique demands, including drone and autonomous vehicle racing, e-gaming, and a space commercialization entrepreneurship contest. The two winning teams will then be given the opportunity to design RC cars with automotive design professionals, including Frank Stephenson, the renowned automotive designer best known for his work with the classic Ferrari F430 and the iconic McLaren P1.

Moon Mark Moon Mark

Once complete, the RC cars will be loaded onto Intuitive Machines' Nova-C Lunar Lander which will launch from Earth on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket on a mission to the moon where the RC cars will then be put up against one another in the first-ever race in space.

If all goes according to plan, the cars should arrive in October 2021. Mary L. Hagy, founder and CEO of Moon Mark stated: "We are thrilled to partner with Intuitive Machines in our mission to reach and engage global audiences with the stories of young explorers living their dreams to be the first to race on the Moon."

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