Reaching 100,000 Kilometers Never Felt This Good

Lots of good vibes emanating from this video.

Some important milestones occur in a person’s life likegetting their driver’s license, buying their first car, being a dumbass and crashing it, getting pulled away in an ambulance, recovering, and sipping food througha straw. Somewhere in there is graduation, marriage, and taking a car on itsjourney to 100,000 kilometers. This video cleverly shot as it was, somehow throughfocusing on the car’s odometer, shows the tears of joy and the thrill of victoryowned by the driver, as he shouts his success.

It’s a monumental occasion to bring a car on its long journey to 100,000, one that’s fraught with danger and happiness, and the characters of driver and car evolve together. Plus it makes for some damned entertaining dialogue.

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