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Read Elon Musk's Leaked Email To Tesla Employees

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This was supposed to be secret. Not anymore.

At the beginning of May, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an email to his employees warning them against leaking internal memos to the press. The email did no good whatsoever because soon after, a Tesla employee leaked that very email to the press. But now that Musk knows his "internal" emails have found a direct pipeline to the general public, he seems to be using the press' knee-jerk reaction to his advantage.

For example, Musk recently sent out an email where he rallied employees by detailing how demand for the Tesla Model 3 was high and congratulating the workforce for being just shy of record production numbers. The email happened to go out when Tesla's stock price was taking a nosedive due to concerns that Model 3 demand had taken a plunge. Of course, that email promptly made it to the press and helped ease some investors' concerns.

And in case that narrative needed reinforcement, Musk just sent out another email that Bloomberg has managed to get ahold of. In it, he once again mentions that Model 3 demand is high, but encourages his employees to work hard to "catch up" and produce more cars to meet that demand.

"While our demand is strong, we have a lot of vehicle deliveries to catch up to in order to have a successful quarter," Musk wrote in the mail. "Per my earlier email, if we execute well, Q2 will be an all-time record for Tesla vehicle deliveries and an awesome victory!!"

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Okay, so it might sound accusatory to say Musk is intentionally sending emails that contain positive production and delivery numbers with full knowledge they'll be leaked to the press, all so he can bypass the scrutiny involved in making an official public statement. On the other hand, Musk has done shadier things in the past, so not many would argue it's outside the realm of possibility. Whatever the case, 2019 is almost halfway done, meaning Tesla's Q2 reports should come to the surface before too long and help us get a better idea of whether Musk is being too optimistic in emails to his workers or just telling it like it is.