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Read This If You Own A 2010 Ford Fusion Or 2010-2012 Lincoln MKZ

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Another day, another recall notice.

Although the Ford Fusion and its corporate cousin Lincoln MKZ are both living on borrowed time, there are still plenty on the road throughout North America and Ford will always be responsible for correcting any potentially dangerous defects. You know, like recalls. Ford has just announced a new recall notice for a very small number of 2010 model year Fusions and 2010-2012 MKZs for a very important reason: the passenger airbag may not fully inflate during a crash.

The specific problem was found to be a bracket that secures the airbag inflator to the module housing. It could potentially deform and allow gas that inflates the airbag to leak. Obviously, an incomplete airbag inflation will greatly increase the chances of serious injury if a crash were to happen.

As of now, Ford is not aware of any injuries or fatalities in regards to this specific issue, but like always no chances are being taken. Affected owners will be contacted by Ford sometime in the next few weeks. So, how many Fusion and MKZ sedans are affected by this recall? Not many, actually. Approximately 215 Fusions and MKZs. The Fusions were built from February 26, 2010 through June 21, 2010 and the MKZs from March 10, 2009 through July 16, 2012. That's right, only 215 sedans, give or take a few and they were all sold in the US.

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It's also worth noting these are the previous generation Fusion and MKZ, both of which went out of production during 2012. Ford did not provide details whether the recall affects specific trims or variants, such as the hybrid versions. As always with any automotive recall, the necessary repair, which will simply involve replacing the passenger airbag's module, will be at no cost to customers.