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Like his Masters degree in business, his 2011 MK6 Volkswagen GTI project demonstrates his mastery in more than one subject.

Hello CarBuzz community, my name is Ryan Jacobs. I am the president of Garden State Euros, a European car club in the Northeast US for other enthusiasts. I am also the owner of a business called Hyde's Serum, known for a revolutionary detailing solution called Rustopper which prevents brake rotor flash rust and "rust dust" on clean wheels. Since receiving my license and my first car (Chrysler New Yorker), I've always customized my cars and had a passion for keeping them looking their best.

When customizing my cars through the years, I started with electronics and audio then moved to exterior cosmetic and most recently performance modifications. 10 cars later and I now own my 6-speed 2011 MK6 Volkswagen GTI. This is hands down the best car I have ever built as I've challenged myself to go further than ever and learning more about the full potential of this project was the driving force for starting Garden State Euros. Even if I won the lotterly, I would still continue to modify this car and build a collector's garage with this in parking spot #1. Parking spot #2 would be my Nissan GT-R of course.

The project has an extensive upgrade list including a larger turbo and intercooler, full engine bolt-ons, built transmission, full suspension upgrade, turbo back exhaust, full brake upgrade and more. For more detailed information on my extensive MK6 GTI build thread, search "HYDE16 Build Thread - Project Jekyll & Hyde". Photos courtesy of M.Spad Photography.

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