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Work hard play harder is the the scope of the deal for this insurance broker and sales manager.

My name is Anthony Aquilino. I am addicted to cars and proud of it! I am an insurance broker and also a sales manager at Plaza Auto Mall. When I'm not working (which is rare) I'm doing anything I can with my cars. I am 27 and have owned 14 cars, and as of now I currently have 5 cars. Q. What got you hooked on cars? A. My father is the main reason I'm hooked on cars. Growing up he always had cool cars and was taking me to car shows basically from birth. When I was young I slept in a Corvette bed and ever since I could speak, Corvettes were my favorite car.

My friends and family growing up were all car enthusiasts so it was a very easy hobby to catch on to. Q. If you won $50 million in the lottery tomorrow, would you keep your current car? What mods would you make? What car(s) would you buy in addition and what upgrades would you make to them? A. If I won 50 million oh man... I would still keep the cars I have for sure and wouldn't mod them only because I'd rather start new projects. My first purchase would be a Ferrari 599 GTO, then Pagani Zonda Cinque, Porsche GT3, Buick GNX, and a 69 Camaro.

Q. Tell us about your race car driving experience? A. My race car driving experience is derived of plenty of highway roll racing and street racing which I think most of us got our start at. I am currently enrolled in the Ron Fellows driving school courtesy of GM for buying a ZR1. I am not so much the quarter mile fan, I prefer standing mile racing because the 200mph mark is much more thrilling then 9 seconds down the track. Q. What projects/mods are you working on now or next? A. Well my ZR1 has already been modded by Tune Time Performance in Lakewood NJ.

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The simple way of putting it is, the car has a stage 1 Lingenfelter kit with American Racing headers and a custom grind Cam designed by Tune Time. The lower pulley has been changed and the next step is to go back to a smaller upper pulley and pick up a few more pounds of boost. The car runs on about 14.5 lbs now but hopefully would like to get it up to 17 lbs. My TBSS is stock as of now but I'm going to do headers and probably a supercharger in the future. My newest addition is a 2014 CLS 63 AMG S, which I'm looking into a RENNtech tune for currently, since there is no such thing as too much horsepower.

Q. In your opinion, what was the best car ever built and why? A. I won't say the ZR1 because I'm a Corvette lover and partial to them (even though I think it's the best). The McLaren F1 might be the best car ever produced. The car was way ahead of its time and still to this day holds records that can't be beaten. The car was naturally aspirated with a top speed of 240 mph and a 0-60 time of 3.2 sec which is unreal for the technology available at that time and in today's time as well.

Q. What is your ideal supercar mashup (different parts of any car to make the one car that rules them all)? A. Although there are many options to make the best super car mashup, I am going to keep it simple thanks to the boys at Hennessey. The Hennessey Venom GT is pretty much the ideal mashup considering its 265.7 mph top speed and lightweight body.

Big thanks to Anthony for taking the time out to be featured in Reader's Rides. Here's one last look at Anthony's awesome ZR1 in action.

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