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This reader loves his Cougars and found the perfect one to make a father-son bonding project with.

My name is Jared Baird. I'm an 18 year old out of Highland, Utah. I started really getting into cars when I was 12, but I have always loved them. My dad and I would always go driving around back roads and farm country (when I lived in Idaho) and we would look for a car to buy and fix up. We have always wanted to fix one up together. The first car I looked at was a 1968 Cougar, and have loved Cougars ever since. Years later, still no car, I turned 16 and I got my dads old 1999 Dodge Durango.

Almost a year later, my uncle mentioned that his roommate had an old Cougar sitting in his backyard. We jokingly told my uncle to ask if his roommate would sell it to us. He did. We bought a 1968 Cougar, the same kind I first looked at when I was 12. Since I got it when I was 16 I have been slowly fixing it up and I plan to do a full body restoration on her. I like so many cars and want to own everything. I want to always be working on something, and always drive something fun. Life's too short to drive boring cars. My favorite car is a Ferrari 458 Spider. I have an obsession with Ferrari. I also want to own an R35 GT-R, or the new AWD Jaguar F-Type. Who knows, maybe dreams do come true.

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