Reader's Rides: Jon Luke Cave


This reader's family heirlooms will make gearheads drool.

I am a sophomore at Mississippi State University, majoring in Building Construction Science. Like many, I have been a fan of anything with an engine since I was born. My 1993 hummer has been in my family since I was born and my 1966 Mustang has also been in my family for as long as I can remember. My father had the Hummer as a work truck for many years and it has now had three different 6.2 liter Detroit diesels in it. The Mustang was given to me by my grandfather as a car for college.

We then realized that the person who first restored it did a terrible job so my father and I re-restored it mechanically and upgraded the engine, put a 5 speed in and a few other improvements. Right now I am not working on either car but plan on eventually putting coil overs and rack and pinion on the Mustang and maybe supercharging eventually. More immediately, I would like to get the Mustang painted since the previous restorer did an awful job. The next car I would buy if I had actual income would be a 2015 Mustang GT350. Some of my all time favorites are the Ford GT, Mustang, Pantera, Pagani Huayra, and Mercedes SLS Black.

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