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This reader drives a 1995 BMW M3 in college and his parents want him to drive a Corolla...We feel your pain car muggle!

Hi, I'm Josh. I'm 22 years old and currently studying Business Management while interning part-time at a discount brokerage firm. I don't know how I got into cars. No one in my family cares for them, and my parents hate the fact I buy older sports cars instead of Corollas or Civics. I taught myself how to work on cars with lots of help from friends and forums. I currently drive a 1995 BMW M3 having come from an early model Honda S2000, Porsche 968, and Acura RSX Type S before that.

The M3 is the first car I've owned for more than two years and I have no plans to get rid of her. She's my daily driver, see's snow during the winter, and track days during the summer. She has too many mods to list but some of the more important ones include adjustable sway bars, shocks/springs, non-staggered wheels/tires, and most recently a 3.2 liter motor from a 1996-99 M3. Next on my list is an exhaust and a tune to make the most of the new motor, but I really want racing seats, a sunroof delete panel, and eventually some wider wheels and tires.

My next car will be either a BMW Z3 M Coupe or an older Porsche 911 (964 or 993) at which point the M3 will become a track toy. My favorite cars are the Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari F40, but my dream garage would include dozens of European and Japanese exotics.

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