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One of the few readers to be featured on both Reader's Rides and Car Mod Atrocities.

I am a 21 year old from Idaho, currently working IT for the university I attend where I am seeking a double major in Operations Management and Human Resources. I have a 2007 Audi A4 Avant (Holy depreciation batman) that I plan on doing an APR stage 1 tune with intake and catback exhaust. Before the Audi I had a hand-me-down 1998 Accord LX sedan (so exciting) from my brothers. I first got into cars when I was 13-14 when I got my learners permit and fell in love with the feeling of being behind the wheel.

Ever since then I haven't been unable to quit the habit. My favorite car is a Honda HSV-010GT racecar, favorite production car would be a pre-2002 facelifted NSX (need to have to pop ups). I am looking to buy some cheap Junker as a project car, probably an old hatchback. My dream garage would be: a Hennessey Velociraptor, Ariel Atom (the Mugen one), NSX, my A4 modded into a rally car, a sleeper from a Yugo or a Deawoo, and a Maybach S600.

Quick story to explain some of the photos: In my home town there is this thing called 'the cruise' that happens every Friday and Saturday night. Basically there is a loop downtown that a bunch or car people (mostly ricers) drive around all night 'flexing their nuts.' Normally it's just harmless driving around in circles, but occasionally "races" breakout. The races are basically who can get to 30 mph fastest, so not real races. In high school, my friends, who have a good sense of humor, would make these cardboard body kits and go down and join them as a joke. We did it to my Accord, my buddy's NX2000, and his Volvo. The filters on the front are hot tub filters and yes that is NOS energy drink taped to the hood.

If you would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of Reader's Rides, please send us 150-300 words about yourself (age, occupation etc.), your car(s), how you got into cars, mods/projects you're working on, favorite car, what car you would buy next, what is the best car of all time, what would be the ultimate car combination...etc. Please send 5-10 pics, minimum size 640 x 480, one pic of you with your car and any other creative pics you can think of that makes you unique. If you would like to send a video, please make sure it is in YouTube format. Send all content to or send it in a message to us on our Facebook page. Thanks!

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