Reader's Rides: The Garber Brothers


These 3 brothers definitely grew up with something in common.

Hi my name is Ronnie Garber and I'm writing in on behalf of my brothers Adie and Neer. We have been a family of car lovers since before I can remember. My father, who has since passed away, has taken us to car shows since we were kids. Now my brother's and I are in the car industry. Adie owns and operates executive interiors, specializing in custom interiors and upholstery repair. Together we own 718Leasing and NY Luxury Rides, a leasing company for new cars and an exotic car rental service.

Along with having a fleet of exotic rentals which include Lamborghinis, Masseratis, Bentleys and Ferraris, we also own our own exotic and custom vehicles. Adie, who has always been my idol - the one I have tried to follow in the car game - has owned and customized vehicles for longer than I can remember. His cars have included a Mustang Saleen S281 Jaguar XJL, multiple Range Rover Sports, a Jeep SRT8 and he currently drives a fully chromed out Audi R8, a GL550 AMG and a fully murdered out Jeep Grand Cherokee (work car).

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My list is a little smaller but has included a custom wide body Jetta (magazine feature car) and a custom Mercedes SL. Our older brother Neer has had a little more time. Some of his cars included a Mercedes CL500, Maserati Quattroporte and a Porsche 911. Needless to say we are a car family through and through and will continue to be forever. My nephew even has his fathers R8 and his dream car, a Murcielago, is painted on the walls of his room. So the future looks bright for this car loving family.