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His whole future is in front of him and this kid clearly has his gearhead firmly on his shoulders.

My name is Trey Kolin and I love cars. I am 16 years old, a swimmer, and a junior in high school. I drive my Granma's 1964 Mustang or (when I'm working on the Mustang) a 2001 Ford F150. I hope to be going to college to become an automotive engineer. Q. What got you hooked on cars? A. I have loved cars since day one. The only way my mom could get me still enough to take a nap was to sit on the front porch and watch cars go by or to take me for a ride in her 1980 MG B. The car I fell in love with was my Grandma's '64 Mustang.

She's had it since it was brand new and kept it all original. It was garage kept since I was born, and when I was 13, I got it running. I have truly loved that car for as long as I can remember. Q. If you won $50 Mil in the lottery tomorrow, would you keep your current cars? What mods would you make? What car(s) would you buy in addition and what upgrades would you make to them? A. I wouldn't trade the Mustang for all the money in the world. I would continue to restore it to its original condition and make it look as good as it did when it rolled off the assembly plant in Detroit.

In addition to the mustang, I would love to buy every generation of Mustang (I know the Mustang II wasn't good, but it's still a Mustang, maybe a poor excuse for one, but it's still a part of Ford's history), a Ford GT, a Bugatti, many other supercars as well as classic Fords. Q. What projects/mods are you working on now or next? A. I am currently changing the exhaust in the Mustang. The original one was rusted out, so I'm replacing the entire system. Right now, a bolt broke off in the exhaust manifold, so that project is kind of on a stand still until I can figure out how to get it out.

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Q. Tell us about any racing experiences you have had? A. The closest I have been to racing is a race home between a Ford Freestar (me) and a Ford Fusion. Q. In your opinion, what was the best car ever built and why? A. I really like the Ford GT40. It was Ford's comeback to Enzo Ferrari's refusal to sell. They did a heck of a job. Q. What is your ideal supercar mashup? A. I like them all. I love Lamborghini's aggressive form of styling, the Ford GT is beautiful, and Bugattis are just pure awesomeness. I would honestly just combine them all into one extreme car.

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