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He's a part time racer and full time all around car guy.

I'm Lou Guerrero. My car is a 1991 Nissan 240SX and I have a serious passion for high performance driving. Q. What got you hooked on cars? A. I don't really know. My mom said I've been playing with toy cars all my life and the older I got the bigger the cars got. My dad is an ASE certified master mechanic but he's never really encouraged my love for driving.

Q. Tell us about your race car driving experience or history? A. I started going to car meets in my area and joined a group that was into racing. Through that group I knew about track events and I went to as many as I could. Whether it was an autocross or an oval track, I was there learning about my limits and the limits of my car. Q. In your opinion, what was the best car ever built and why? A. The Ford GT40 to me is the best car ever built. With the 427 it was an absolute monster. Its story has made it into a legendary icon and it's beautiful to look at too.

Q. If you won $50 mil in the lottery tomorrow, would you keep your current car? What mods would you make? What car(s) would you buy in addition and what upgrades would you make to them? A. That's hard to answer because I love so many varieties of automotive culture. I'd definitely have a Porsche GT3 Cup car for the track, a C6 Z06 for the track and a high horsepower GTR for the street. I love vintage sports cars so definitely an S30 Z car, a Ferrari F40, a Ruf BTR and RT12. A genuine Shelby Cobra S/C would be my most prized possession.

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Q. What projects/mods are you working on now or next? A. I've promised my self to commit to giving my car a proper engine so next summer I'm going to start building an RB25 for my car. I've had two SR20 engines ready to rebuild to swap into the 240SX but for whatever reason I never followed through with it. A turbo KA24 is great but the sound of a straight six on boost is intoxicating. My vision for the 240SX is to make a "modern" 240Z. I want to respray the car (again) and bolt on flares with a deck spoiler. Q. What is your ideal supercar mashup? A. This may sound crazy but an F40 with the drive train from the La Ferrari would be a pretty awesome machine.

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