Readers Rides: Tim Preisinger


As if saving lives daily isn't cool enough, driving around in a '71 Nova is icing on the coolness cake.

My name is TimPreisinger. I am as big of anAmerican muscle car guy as you will ever meet. I work in Cardiology, runningstress tests and riding in an ambulance as a first responder and EMT. Q. What got you hooked on Cars? A. GranTurismo 2. I instantly fell in love withthe game as soon as I bought it. I remember when I first got a Supra in thegame, I thought it was the coolest car ever. I switched over to muscle cars after going to a car show.

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I loved the classic styling and the rumble of the V8. Soon after that I decided I wanted one of my own. Q. What wasthe last car you purchased? A. I would really like to sound cool right now andtell you a Caddy or a Corvette... But no, a 2011 Hyundia Sonata. It works wellfor me though. I have to drive over anhour in traffic to and from work each day, so I needed a car that is good ongas. So far I have not had a single problem with it. Q. What will be your next car? A. If I could afford it, I would love to buy a CTS-V.

Probably not going to happen though, so more than likely another car that is decent on gas. I have also considered buying an ’87 Monte Carlo with a mildly built small block. Sometimes the Nova can be a bit much for a long cruise, so I would like another fun car that is tamer. Q. Whatprojects/mods are you working on now? A. I would like to redo the interior of theNova. It’s not terrible but would benice to clean it up. I would want it to look exactly like it rolled off theshow room floor. Nothing but NOS parts (“New Old Stock” for you Fast N Furiousfan boys).

In the future I would like to get a 6/71 Blower for the car. Just don’t have the money for it right now as I would also have to change out the heads and rear end. However, I’m pretty happy the way it sits even now. About 600 horse on a 2900lb street car isn’t bad! Q: In your opinion, what was the best car everbuilt and why? A. While my favorite car would be a '71 Hemi cuda,I would say the Ford GT40 was the greatest car ever built. It had a perfectbalance of handling and power, looked fantastic and has one of the greatest"stories" in the history of automobiles. What more could you possiblywant in a car?