Ready Or Not Autonomous Vehicles Are Coming

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And coming fast.

This should come as no surprise, but autonomous vehicles are coming and automakers aren't wasting any time with packing new vehicles with autonomous features. However, what is surprising is a recent report by a US consulting firm that stated autonomous vehicles would be here in no time. An analyst at McKinsey & Company claims that fully autonomous vehicles will be here by the end of the next decade. Furthermore, the analyst believes that 15 percent of all automotive sales will be for autonomous cars.


The consulting firm believes that the rise in driverless technology, expanding the market of all-electric cars and increased popularity of ride-sharing services will be the cause of the fully autonomous vehicles sales. According to the report, automotive ownership in densely populated areas is falling as fewer young people choose not to have a driver's license. McKinsey & Company also predicts that 10-percent of new cars would be dedicated shared vehicles by 2030. That's still a long ways away, but automakers are in a heated race to put out autonomous vehicles as quickly as possible.

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