Real Car Guys Go Vintage Racing

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Alpha Romeo GTV? BMW 2002? Datsun 240Z? What's your favorite vintage?

The majority of speed enthusiasts will never get the chance to race in Formula 1 or NASCAR, or any other sort of professional racing for that matter. But if you still want to race and have a thing for old BMWs, Datsuns, or anything else from yesteryear, then vintage racing is always accepting new participants. In fact, there's an organization devotedly solely to the hobby, the Vintage Auto Racing Association. It's now the largest organization of its kind on the West Coast, and it's the place where owners of old Datsun 240Zs and BMW 2002s hang out.

Old Porsche 911s and Alfa Romeos along with a host of other retired classics also come out to play. Vintage racing is a bit of an addiction, and perhaps it's one of the purest forms of amateur racing out there. You're also in the company of committed gearheads, making for a very good weekend.

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