Real Driving Is A Porsche Factory Driver In A Classic 911 RSR

Proving that new technology and more horsepower is only part of the game.

Ifyou are a factory Porsche racer like Patrick Long, there really can't be toomany cars that'll blow your mind away anymore. But there certainly aresome ways of getting the adrenaline rushing and having a bit of fun.Here, Long hops on board a 1975 911 3.0 Carrera RSR, worth a milliondollars or so, and heads onto the track to battle some other Porsches with newer technology, more horsepower and equally professional drivers. Still, withskill, aggression and a bit of insanity, he put on an epic show, demonstrating who really is boss.

Check out this incredible clip of classic Porsche racing and wish you were there on board to get a piece of this action:

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