Really, Everyone Can Totally Forget About A BMW i8M (Probably)

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It's definitely not happening. Did we mention probably?

From the moment the i8 debuted there've been rumors, hopes and dreams that BMW would give it the famed M treatment. Brand officials have denied any such plans were in place but they're also typically vague about future production. Point being is that some enthusiasts refused to believe an i8M isn't in the pipeline. Perhaps now those people should be persuaded. During an interview with UK's Car Magazine, newly appointed M division CEO Franciscus Van Meel was once again questioned about the possibility of such a future model.

His response was typically vague: "I can't see an i8M just now." Will it ever happen? Van Meel didn't outright rule it out, but he made clear that "there is a very close collaboration between M and i - we have an open book policy, and each brand can look into the other's magic box of technologies and ideas." So, maybe then. Specifically, the i team took advantage of M's carbon-fiber technologies and even enhanced them. In turn, M will utilize those improvements. Van Meel was also particularly keen about the i8's vehicle dynamic control systems. The bottom line is that anyone who's been dreaming about an i8M will need to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Then again, BMW may succumb to temptation.

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