Really? GM Has Issued More Recalls

The mind reels.

You have to ask yourself if it’s possible that General Motors has literally discovered a defect of some sort in nearly all of the cars it’s produced in the past decade or so. On the one hand, defects that lead to recalls can, obviously, be deadly. But is GM going too far in order to protect itself from angry consumers and the federal government? We’re not saying, just asking. So what’s happening now? GM has just issued a recall that affects 717,950 cars in the US.

The third recall is for the 2011-13 Regal and ’13 Malibu. Those cars have a problem with the front turn signals. The 2014 Impala is also being recalled due to a potential failure of electric power steering. Nice. 2014-15 Spark models imported from Korea were assembled with a lower control arm bolt not fastened to specification. They’re being recalled, too. Lastly, just 22 2015 Tahoe/Suburban and GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali SUVs are being called back because of roof carriers that could have been attached with the wrong retaining nuts. Despite everything, GM sales, as a whole remain pretty damn good.

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