Really, GM? Recall Notices Sent to Victims’ Families

Just when you thought the hole was at its deepest.

In an awful exercise that shines a whole new light on the word ‘fail’, GM has managed to do it again, proving that negligence, cover-ups and general incompetence can also be complemented by shameful insensitivity. As the ignition-switch recall debacle refuses to die, GM recently sent out recall notices to all affected owners of relevant models. Thing is, the company forgot to remove some very significant owners from the recall list, including the families of victims who died because of this exact fault.

One of those receiving not one, but two recall announcements this week was the mother of a 16-year old girl who was killed in her Chevy Cobalt nine years ago, when her car crashed into a tree in Maryland. Prior to these notices, the mother didn't even know that her daughter’s death was linked to the ignition switch failure. Currently, the number of deaths directly linked to faulty ignition switch officially stands at 13, but experts believe that the actual number may be 74 or even higher.

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